The Environment


We use energy-efficient ENERGY STAR equipment throughout the restaurant and an energy management system for our kitchen exhaust hood. We have also installed a white roof to help reduce our air condition usage.

carbon offset

We are a proud to operate certified carbon neutral restaurants that offset electrical and natural gas usage by supporting the Valley Woods Carbon Sequestration Project. Our participation helps to protect more than 64,000 acres of sustainable forest in rural Georgia. Even our website hosting is 100% offset by wind power.

pasture-raised beef

Our grass-fed beef is more environmentally friendly than conventional, grain-fed beef. Grain-fed cattle require oil-based fertilizers, pesticides and transportation to grow their feed. Pasture-raised cattle require less energy and create healthy soil to keep CO2 underground.


We compost and recycle nearly 100% of the waste in our restaurants. We use only recycled paper supplies and 100% compostable cups, to-go containers, to-go utensils. Even our gift and loyalty cards are made from plants, but we don’t advise eating them. And all of our wood paneling and table tops are made from locally reclaimed wood.

water conservation

We conserve thousands of gallons of H2O a year by using water-efficient toilets, bathroom fixtures and kitchen faucets. Our air-cooled (vs water-cooled) ice cream machine even helps to conserve water. Here’s to guilt-free soft-serve!


We take care to use eco-friendly cleaning products throughout the restaurant. You can breathe easy knowing we also used low-volatile organic compound (low-VOC) paints, sealants and adhesives when possible during construction.

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